Conference recordings: the future of MET in the digital era


10.00Greetings and opening speech
10.10Conference session
10.10MET digital evolution in the next decade
10.20IoT Technology used in on-line environment monitoring
10.30E-learning methods for online examination
10.40World Nautical Accidents. Facts and Reasons
10.50Problems of the improvement of maritime education, through fuzzy logic assessment of maritime soft skills
11.00«Life VS Google: Why do you need live communication in the process of learning English?»
11.10The perspectives of MET
11.20The Effects of a Pandemic on  Maritime Education and Training in Turkey
11.30In-class/online and out-of-class/onboard training in Marine Meteorology. A student perspective
11.40Functioning of the education system in Bulgaria in time of pandemics
11.50Cross Cultural Communication in a Mixed Crew
12.00“ERS – Lifelike simulation for a real life situation”
12.10Digital Higher Education and the Challenges of the  Pandemic 2020
12.20The concept of e-teaching of specialized English to marine students
12.30The future of MET
12.40Shipping – a possible source of emerging contaminants into marine environment
12.50Cloud technologies in maritime education
13.00MAN B&W ME – GI installation in Very or Ultra Large Container Vessels
13.10New approaches in the management of water resources
13.20Sewage treatment plan. Principal function and explanation
13.30Emerging Education for Smart Public Transport
13.40Closing remarks


Constanta Maritime University will hold the first virtual edition of the International Students’ Conference on 23rd May 2020. The event is fully dedicated to the students and cadets of all BSAMI member institutions.

The theme of the conference is The future of MET in the digital era. The conference is meant to become a forum for the exchange of information on the challenges, as well as on the opportunities, faced by the students in times of unprecedented digitalization of the learning process. 

All BSAMI member institutions are cordially invited to contribute with 2-3 presentations related to the conference topic (conference working language is English). All students will receive a certificate of attendance at the conclusion of the conference.

Online registration will be available between 7-17 May 2020. Conference will be held online on 23 May.

The Scientific Committee will oversee the conference sessions in order to help create and maintain the high scientific quality and standards of submissions.

Members of the Scientific Committee

Prof. Eliodor Constantinescu, Ph.D.

Prof. Răzvan Tamaș, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Nicoleta Acomi, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Alexandra Raicu, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Sorin Sintea, Ph.D.

Lecturer Dănuț Argintaru, Ph.D.

Lecturer Mircea Zus, Ph.D.

In order to simplify the operations of preparing student presentations, we are pleased to publish the online presentation template in *.pptx and *.odp format.

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We are pleased to announce that the first virtual edition of CMU’s International Students’ Conference will be held on 23rd of May.

The conference is meant to act as a discussion forum related to the current challenges faced by the students (and, of course, their trainers) in pursuing online courses, while also abiding by the national and international education standards.

All BSAMI institutions are cordially invited to contribute with 2-3 presentations related to the main topic mentioned above.

All relevant information will be disseminated through the conference portal. Online registration will be open soon. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the organizing committee (E-mail: